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Welcome to Body Blissed online! Body Blissed LLC was created to help empower both women and men. To give everyone a sense of relief knowing that while using my products, you will receive the best all natural ingredients possible.

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Soooooooo I just tried the passion scrub…I felt the difference as soon as I rinse it off, I was very soft and silky haha then used the light scent which I loooove and damn near wanna use it as a soap. I know my mom will too. I think the body wash would go perfect with the scrub!
I smell the passion fruit slightly on my skin now but I want to to be potent 😎 but I think it’s bc I always washed off with the light scent right after. Soo later today Ima try the light scent first then the scrub.


I only used the foam one last night. Pink sands omg I loveeee the soap . its thick and moisturizing. Ima try the other ones I just liked that one cause its good on my skin some body scrubs could be harsh but I like that one the most 


Btw I used the scrub and foam you gave me & it smells so good!!! Girl if you don’t have a tiktok  , GET ONE! And sell it one there lol 


Lip Scrubs

Luscious , moisturizing and kissable lips is what you want and desire. Look no more, as there are a variety of different lip scrubs to choose from. All scrubs are made with 100% natural products. No more chapped lippies!

Body Scrubs

Want soft and moisturized skin all at once? well look no more, you've just hit the body scrub JACKPOT! Beautiful scents with moisturizing ingredients including shea butter, avocado oil & etc.

All Natural Ingredients

All our products are handcrafted with the finest organic all natural ingredients. Our list of organic ingredients includes, Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Lemon, Essential Oil, Passionfruit Fragrance, and many more healthy all natural ingredients!

Please do patch test on your skin especially in more sensitive areas. This product does contain fragrance oil and mica (although safe for skin) I would avoid using around the eyes or any areas that are especially sensitive before doing a patch test.